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  • Deja D.

    I've ordered a few times and they've been good quality and fast shipping!

  • Merlin R.

    My first order was a mystery romper and I can say ever since I have been obsessed! Lots of sales and quick TAT! I will definitely keep coming back to M&M!

  • Celinda L.

    Marissa always has such cute items for my kiddos, from shirts to blankets! I cannot stop ordering!

  • Erin H.

    fast shipping, great quality and amazing customer service!

  • Mari G.

    Love your shop! Everything is so soft, from blankets to clothing. You're spot on with your fabric and designs!

  • Alejandra O.

    I've ordered a few times from her and her clothes never disappoints! And love that she offers local pick-up and has weekly sales!

  • Kalyssa R.

    Such a trustworthy, amazing quality business! 10/10 recommend, the communication is on point!

  • Jordyn G.

    We're obsessed with everything Marissa makes us! Especially her fast TAT and quality items! Love how the weekly sales are always so good too!

  • Lexie B.

    I've ordered a few outfits from M&M and everything is amazing quality! Marissa is amazing and helped me out with a drake tee I was wanting so bad for my girl, it got to me the next day! definitely one of the best small shops I've come across!

  • Gabby M.

    The owner is the sweetest, she offers amazing quality items and I would def recommend this shop to buy clothes for your little!

  • Samantha A.

    The owner is fantastic! Always strives to give customers the best products and such good quality on all items!

  • Justice C.

    One of the only small shops we order from now. I’ve ordered multiple times, and multiple different styles and all have been great quality & true to size!
    Also, the blankets are incredible, and bright, we wash with all our other blankets &, hold up extremely well.
    The turn around time is also amazing.

  • Kelcee E.

    When it comes to finding a small shop where the owner takes care of her customers non stop this small shop is called Max & Mel’s! Marissa is one of kind, she goes above and beyond to strive to make her customers happy and to keep her business growing. She works hard, she communicates and she will never let you down! Everything Marissa prepares for her customers is amazing quality. She is always doing sales and her shipping is fast. She is always in TAT and if for some reason it’s going to pass TAT she has always communicated and offer refunds if it was an issue. She has a calling for what she does! I will forever shop M&M and hope you do to!! thank you Marissa for everything you do! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!!

  • Sylvia P.

    The owner is so amazing! Her work is the best, always quick to answer questions and help anybody with anything they may need. The quality of M&M is amazing and the pricing you can't beat! She literally has prints/sizes for everyone!

  • Brianna B.

    Marissa is truly the best at what she does you can definitely tell when someone loves what they do thru the quality of there items and Marissa’s items are always 10/10 the love she has for her shop and customers is like no other we love it here and never want to leave thank you for everything you do for us!

  • Jazmine O.

    If i can pick a small shop to shop at forever, I’ll choose Max & Mels.
    She’s dedicated to her business. Not only does she care about her products, but she cares so much about her customers.
    100000/10 i recommend.
    If you’re not shopping here, you’re definitely missing out on a genuine big hearted shop.
    We love it here.

  • Kimberly M.

    For being a small shop shopper I can honestly say that I love Max & Mels clothing and everything (shoes,blankets,etc) she has to offer because the prices are great and the quality is amazing and to top it off Marissa is the kindest, caring person I've met and is the best when it comes to fulfilling our stylish needs and wants for our lil ones...Thank you soo much girl you are awesome at everything you do..💯💖😍

  • Anahi M.

    One of our fav small shops! She goes above & beyond for her shop & her customers! All of her items are high quality stuff, and I would definitely recommend her shop to anyone!! ♥️

  • Stoney O.

    I’ve ordered multiple times from Marissa & each time I’m amazed!! From the quality to the detail everything is perfect! You can tell she takes her time & handles your purchase with care! I always receive my outfit before the TAT! She is also very good at communicating & answers any questions you may have. I love how affordable her shop is & look forward to purchasing more from her! 🩷

  • Miranda D.

    Amazing quality and very unique! 100% will always shop here!

  • Karina J.

    Such amazing quality Max & Mels Is the best! I am obsessed with eveything Marissa does, such affordable and amazing outfits & blankets!

  • Sophia R.

    1000000/10 recommend! The QUALITY, VIBRANCY, & CUSTOMER SERVICE. You truly would not be disappointed. She definitely sews from the heart. 💖

  • Caitlyn H.

    Such an amazing small business shop! I love my purchases through Max & Mel’s!! 10/10 going to be your new obsession 💖

  • Alexis A.

    Max & Mels quality is amazing! I always look forward to putting my daughter in the cute outfits Marissa makes 🩷 although I’m not an consistent shopper, when I do purchase, the quality and style are exactly what I wanted for my baby girl and I will continue to purchase my custom outfit necessities from you 🫶🏽 we love everything you make! Love you sis❣️

  • Stephanie I.

    We love M&M definitely one of our favorite shops! I love how there’s so many different prints and styles available 😍

  • Lizabeth M.

    I would definitely recommend her shop to anyone! I love how she’s always so understanding and makes sure her customers are taken care of! one of the the best small shops I’ve ever came across! 🤍

  • Morgan A.

    Max & Mel's clothing is excellent quality and price, I love buying it for my daughter. Our purchases have always been extremely satisfactory and we have never had a problem. We look forward to purchasing more! ❤️

  • Sandra L.

    We’ve loved every single M&M clothing item we’ve received! Also obsessed with our blankets! We get so many compliments on our chosen prints and love the uniqueness Marissa brings to life💖💖

  • Julissa C.

    One of the few shops we shop from, absolutely love every piece she’s made. The blankets are my favorite they’re soft and very true to size. She’s the sweetest and very understanding when it comes to orders and refunding. 💗💗

  • Amanda C.

    I really appreciate the time & creativity you put into each of your pieces! I absolutely adore your trendy style! You’re so sweet & always come in clutch w/your TAT, & if or when it can’t be met you are always so fast & on top of updating your customers.
    One of a kind boutique hands down. 🩵

  • Nikki V.

    If you are not ordering from Max & Mels then you are missing out!!!! She does fast shipping and has good prices for outfits and blankets and the quality of the material 😮‍💨😮‍💨!! And let’s not mention she does all this while being a full time mommy❤️🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

  • K’Lynn E.

    definitely our favorite shop EVER. the only small shop that i trust now & the best owner for sure! i love that Marissa brings different items for her customers & truly cares for us all!! Marissa literally makes EVERYTHING & is so good at what she does 🤍🤍

  • Shannon A.

    I’m absolutely obsessed with her clothes. Her prices are reasonably and affordable. I could literally spend my whole check, but my husband reminds I have responsibility’s *rolls eyes*. Even my teenager loves her stuff. I will always recommend her shop!

  • Nina A.

    Our first purchase from M&M was the mystery sweatshirts & ever since then we’ve been absolutely OBSESSED with everything 💗💗 it’s all such amazing quality. Everything is literally a 10/10 I definitely recommend shopping if haven’t. Marissa is truly the BEST at what she does! If anyone loves what they do it’s definitely her & she’s also quick to respond to anyone who has questions. I’m definitely glad I came across M&M when we did! We can’t wait to continue to purchase more 💗💗

  • Vanessa F.

    Max & Mels is our favorite small shop for all things cute and bougie handmade outfits and bows! Marissa is very professional and reliable. Always willing to help with any issues or emergency orders. I would recommend this shop a 10/10!

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